We, the 90s

Batman in the 90s!

February 17, 2020 David, Jo, Thomas Season 1 Episode 2
We, the 90s
Batman in the 90s!
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During this week's journey through time, David relives all the triumphs and tragedies of Batman movies and TV during the 90s. Starting with the 1989 film and through a moment that would eventually lead us to the beloved Nolan trilogy, David helps us recount what we witnessed on screen as well as some behind the scenes facts! This ain't your grandpa's Batman...

0:00 - Deep, meaningful NEW intro
0:21 - Topic Introduction - Batman!
1:17 - Batman 1989
8:15 - Batman Returns
15:42 - Batman The Animated Series
19:47 - Batman Forever
34:52 - Batman & Robin
48:11 - Fondest Memories segment!
53:25 - 90s Trivia Game!
59:13 - Get in touch with us
1:00:36 - Closing + Dope outro music

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Dope, Meaningful NEW Intro
Topic Introduction - Batman!
Batman (1989)
Batman Returns
Batman The Animated Series
Batman Forever
Batman & Robin
Fondest Memories segment!
90s Trivia Game!