We, the 90s

The X Files

March 10, 2020 David, Jo, Thomas Season 1 Episode 4
We, the 90s
The X Files
Show Notes

The Mother-ship has come back for the half of the woman it left back in 1987. Host Jolene beams us into the world of The X Files as we discuss plot lines, cast details, the show's lasting influence and much more! Bummmmdummmdummmdooooodooodoooooooooo!

0:00 - Intro (We, the 90s)

1:12 - Intro to The X Files
1:33 - Last week's social media clues revealed
4:25 - The launching of the SYFY Network
6:00 - The X Files (continued...)

53:25 - 90s Trivia

56:20 - How to reach us

57:05 - Listener shout outs!

59:00 - Outro (We, were the 90s)

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