We, the 90s

Beanie Babies

November 04, 2020 David, Jo, Thomas Season 2 Episode 1
We, the 90s
Beanie Babies
Show Notes

Yes - we're back. Why were we gone? Mind your own damn business. And today your business is about Beanie Babies! Jo takes us through a nostalgic journey to when people cared more for these babies more than their own. We discuss the rise and fall of Beanie Babies and list the rare Babies that you should be looking for behind that sex swing in your parents closet!

Also, uh, sorry about the audio.

0:00 - We are the 90s

0:48 - About us abandoning you...

3:47 - Beanie Babies intro
3:48 - 1st interruption of Jolene's report
5:02 - Jolene continues
9:28 - Beanie Babies Begins!
26:02 - The most notable Beanie Babies
31:26 - A poetry read... on Beanie Babies

37:45 - Our fondest Beanie Baby memories

45:02 - Name that Beanie!

51:11 - Shout outs, contact us & closing

54:50 - Super dope outro music is back!

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