We, the 90s

Mall of America

November 28, 2020 David, Jo, Thomas Season 2 Episode 3
We, the 90s
Mall of America
Show Notes

Do you like shopping? Do you like malls? Do you like learning? Nerd. Just kidding! But download our latest episode where Jolene takes us back to the dawn of The Mall of America in the 90s!

0:00 - We Are the 90s
6:10 - The history of the Mall of America (just one America, people)
29:29 - "Funtrivia" aka how much crap fits in the mall?
52:15 - What's it doing today? (Same. It's a mall.)
1:04:18 - Memories!!!
1:12:12 - Where to find us
1:13:22 - Dope music

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