We, the 90s

Kevin Smith

June 30, 2021 David, Jo, Lizzy, Thomas Season 3 Episode 3
We, the 90s
Kevin Smith
Show Notes

The topic this episode is a true inspiration to the creation of We, the 90s - not only a 90s legend but also a podcasting legend: Kevin Smith. Thomas reports on the Film/Geek-culture icon  and how he got started in the 90s.

0:00 - We Are the 90s
8:25 - Kevin Smith!
11:55 - "I'm not even supposed to be here today"
25:25 - "Fly, Fat Ass, Fly"
29:33 - "Your Mother's a Tracer"
34:50 - "Look at the Platypus"
55:55 - How to connect & support
59:55 - Dope Outro

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