We, the 90s

JonBenet Ramsey

August 02, 2021 David, Jo, Thomas Season 3 Episode 4
We, the 90s
JonBenet Ramsey
Show Notes

We get a little dark this episode as Lizzy informs us about the infamous, unsolved 1996 case of JonBenet Ramsey's death. David puts all of his skills acquired from Batman comics to try to solve it, Jo blames everyone and Thomas sits back and provides nothing in this harrowing episode of We, the 90s!

0:00 - We Are the 90s

5:40 - December 26th, 1996
18:15 - Big House Problem
20:30 - The Investigation
58:20 - Our Theories
1:17:05 - I love learning!

1:19:00 - Closing
1:20:18 - Dope outro music

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